Names and faces to bikes

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  • Fixedwheelnut
    or this­xedwheelnut/My%20bikes/100_0643.jpg

    Looks suspiciously like Calshot...? I love those bankings :-0

  • never added a picture here. Maybe stupid question but how do I post a picture on an Apple Mac (and what format)?

  • Try getting an account at somewhere like, upload your picture, then copy and paste the IMG text into the comments box. hey presto.

  • have to upload it to flicker or photobucket, then add link
    edit damn toooo slow 8^)

  • punkpixel never added a picture here. Maybe stupid question but how do I post a picture on an Apple Mac (and what format)?

    how to post pics

  • You need to the image uploaded somewhere on the web e.g. Flickr, Photobucket, etc. Then you need the address of the image. If you are on a page with the image displayed you can right click on it and select "Copy Image Address" in Safari, "Copy Image Location" in Firefox.

    Put your cursor in the comments box on this page, click the icon, paste the address and click okay. Voila!

    Edit: I think that may have got a little over answered!

  • just one last thing

    To check that you have the correct ulr it should be .jpg .jpeg .gif or similar on the end.

  • cut down risers now since someone stole the eyecandied alter stem and bars. oh, and cut down hair

  • That bike is quite something Build. Everything on it is just about perfect, really elegant. Love the cranks, the stem, the hub, the lacing, the saddle. And I can't quite tell but is that a white and black headset? It's a sweet build.

  • yeah it's lovely. i love the fact that it's basically just black and white, and only the frame is white. i remember seeing your bike in May CM since i've always wanted a white frame... think you were with MA3K with his condor? i can only recognise bikes not faces. i really couldn't tell it's actually a genesis flyer back then. let's hope the weather behaves itself over the weekend i'll take my bikes out for a photoshoot.

  • it is nice, but i don't understand why it has loads of stem spacers but with a big drop on the stem and then bars with an even bigger drop?

    surely less spacers a level (or slight drop) stem and a shallower drop bar would look nicer?

  • Don't paint that bloody thing until the Dynamo is over, might not get it back in time..

  • THIS BE ME, the other Aidan

    and this is my current ride...the langster, i know sorry for speaking its name but it has treated me well...

    and just got a 531 80's frame and building the beauty, bit by bit, day by day...will update when its done :)

  • ha ha cheers aidan 1 ha ha i canny make it do it for me

  • ahhhh thats better:) i was stressing out about gotta help a brother out especialy a brother called aidan:) have to use the url of the photo,if you right click the image and go to properties it will have the url,copy that and then paste it here:)

  • i tried that gave me a link...damn computers ha ha ha ill try again in a min gotta go meet my brother at the

  • ha ha worked this time...

    ME (Aidan A) (aidan can be aidna 1 i'll be aidan A ha ha save on the sqwabling of whos the better aidan, after all we are a superior race)

    and the langster...

    i'l; get the 531 up here when theres a half decent pic up....

  • Jeezus !

  • My catweazle mug...

    The commuter....

    Fixed remains a w.i.p. after several abortive conversion attemps.

    Evening all

  • Your local conservative candidate (at a wedding last year):­1092_d253cd99de.jpg
    And a slightly better ride than Boris Johnston's:­45527_7022ea7072_b.jpg
    (I know the chain needs tightening but props for the attn to detail on the crank arms?)

  • Mouse (I know the chain needs tightening but props for the attn to detail on the crank arms?)

    Well, if you want to be pedantic they're 180' the wrong way up. The rear should be hidden by the tube in photos, it gives a better of the seat tube going towards the bottom bracket cluster then.

    And if you really want to be pedantic, the valves on the wheels should be at the bottom. That can be a bitch to setup on a fixed-gear bike too, both the rear valve and cranks.

    I am shitting you. It's a lovely bike. I do begrudgingly like the Condors, and that is a fine example too.

  • Shit, I'm way too harsh.

    It's a lovely bike, really.

  • by the way should call them either "cranks" or "arms" not "crank arms" it's like "fat lard"...
    velocity boy that looks like a single speed to me. i'll try to be really pedantic when i swap my gears out of 48/18 (damn all that talking i still haven't a decent picture of myself & my bikes)...

    mouse, poor you, showing us your nice bike and getting these comments... :P

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Names and faces to bikes

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