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  • the Lance Armstrong Foundation, a foundation that cancer survivors created to serve Lance


  • I heard that the Ameican Cycle/Drug Police have stripped him of his TDF honours, can they do that? isnt that out of the scope of thier powers.....

  • I heard he was quite good a bike riding.

  • I heard his cancer gave the other riders punctures and thats why he won

  • can they do that?

    WADA says USADA have acted properly. Every sports governing body which wants to remain on WADA's nice list has to recognise a sanction issued by USADA. UCI could go to CAS to have the sanction reduced, but that would make us all ask why UCI is so keen to make special pleading on behalf of LA (as if we don't already know...)

  • I heard that lance Armstrong created a drug called zolklam and sold it to other riders but it was a dud and he actually won because the dud drug slowed the others down

  • I heard that lance armstrongs chainring had a tiny motor in it that drugged itself into believing it could win - and it did.

  • so does this mean that the drug testing on the tour is a load of old bollocks that can be paid off? or that some officialdom within UCI have colluded even.

    or did lance really just change his entire blood supply after each race.....or during it via some kind of bike shaped dialisis machine. one can only wonder.

  • I heard that the name 'lance' is Hebrew for 'bomb the western world' and him winning 7 times is linked to 7th July and each time he pedals it powers a surge in lightning above Israel.

  • Fat Pat must have rampant indigestion atm. I heard that Lance made a special pact with him and to seal it Pat had to eat Lance's cancerous teste and then wash it down with a pint of EPO and HGH whilst being filmed by Bruyneel.

    In return Lance promised to make Pat CEO of Livestrong when he leaves the UCI and let him pretend to have overcome AIDS into the bargain.

  • nasty mind pictures that will haunt me for ever. thanks.

  • Lance has no scruples gaining capital from anything whatsoever to do with cancer, which is a pretty strange attitude to say the least. In some ways he's exploiting a social problem, which becomes hushed and reverent in its presence.

    Which is fine. What isn't is this peculiar insistence amongst his followers that his even having it absolves him of any criticism, of any sort, so leave him alone. No, fuck him. Take cancer out of it. Why can't we do that? It's irrational and crap logic to not separate his actions from his disease. He knows that's a problem, so makes the most of it. This will sound strange, but 'cancer' has given him a lot of clout. His handling of it has been a major contributing factor in him having survived this level of scrutiny for so long, which I find pretty degrading.

  • Armstrong's statement is dissected succinctly here.

  • The greatest competitor who ever lived.

  • The greatest competitor who ever lied.

    Too easy :-)

  • Does anyone know what he will do next? when? where? to whom? and why?

  • How much fun would it be if WADA didn't just insist on repayment of prize money (which is chump change to all pro cyclists but especially Armstrong) but had something like the [ame]en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proceeds_of­_Crime_Act_2002[/ame] ?

    Even without civil recovery proceedings from the governing bodies, I can see some civil suits from sponsors who have now had most of the hard work done for them by Lance's non-admission admission of showing, on the balance of probabilities, that he obtained a pecuniary advantage by deception.

  • What about other riders who could have secured sponsorship etc, but didn't because Lance "The Cheater" Armstrong beat them?

    They have a legitimate grievance I would think?

  • The have a moral claim, but it would be much harder to form that into a legal claim

  • Those who have paid or sponsored Armstrong on the understanding he was running a clean team might be interested I guess but whilst the mainstream sports media seem to be portraying this as 'it's complicated' they seem to be happy to play dumb.

    The American people won't believe it until they have photos of blood bags and piles of drugs.

  • American corporations would sponsor mass murderers if it increased sales...and it probably would.

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Lance Armstrong... greatest doper there was or ever will be

Posted by Avatar for the-smiling-buddha @the-smiling-buddha