Bike porn

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  • That Low is dreadful.

  • You could say it's brought a new low to this thread

    I'll get me coat

  • The posters are great the bike is about as nice lookin as the step ladder

  • To be fair, it's an above average step ladder.

  • To be fair, it's a lighter than average step ladder.


  • Ally I think but those could be carbon components perhaps even ti bolts

    The step ladder of course.

  • Just my eyes or is that a really fat seat post/tube?

  • Columbus air. Le google >>>

  • Oof, that is buff stuff, front angled pic necessary.

  • Similar to the RIH, and a possible re?

  • Can't find any more pics on google. Have you find some more?

  • Can't find any more pics on google. Have you find some more?

    I looked as well, to no avail.

  • There is not that much info on it but maybe try "Columbus Air tubing" and see if you are surprised

  • found this in 2 seconds

    almost definitely a re

  • Long time lurker in the porn thread but this has made me find my voice. Just perfect. Want.

  • top post

  • That Gillott is a beauty, so spare.

  • His TT bike? What's the HOP?

    Last night I rode 30 miles, with an accompaniment of beer, in less than flat Yorkshire, with a group of riders, many brakeless, no-one died. Just saying.

    I'm not a fan of the MSW or the bars...

    hmmm.. i can think of a few people who have broken limbs in leeds riding brakeless who MAY have not slammed so hard if they had had brakes...

    personally riding in yorkshire, i like to ride with nice tyres i always run brakes and never skid stop - i stopped doing skids when i was about 15 ;)

    BUT brakeless looks better. fact.

  • Wish I had £2500....

  • That green Merckx needs to tour its way over to Functional, cause it's well lost in Porn.

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Bike porn

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