Bike porn

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  • that bike just went to anti for those horrible weinman brakes

  • I have them. NOS, still wrapped. :D

    Wanna sell?

  • I never thought I'd says this, but it's just a fucking mudguard!

    First, the speed of light is broken. Now this!

    I don't know what to believe anymore...

  • ^ ha! Repped.

  • Wanna sell?

    not really.

  • I never thought I'd says this, but it's just a fucking mudguard!

    Here comes my final missive on this thing, and I fully accept any accusations of being a dilettante with O/C issues.
    Not having access to (nor the skills to derive) the original flickr stream, I did not know that the fenders were by VO, though in my defence I just said that the hardware looks like Honjo's and so it should since that is who VO was copying in the first place. Secondly, Somerville says that the fenders are "smooth" polish by VO, with no reference to stainless. In VO's catalogue, none of their stainless sets are called "smooth" and in fact are prefaced by the word 'stainless'. I contend that they are aluminum.
    One love,

  • Midget...

  • something very satisfying about this...

  • Gold/Cobalto

  • Vicini track bike 43cm c-c. 24" wheels..

  • and it is a Fixie....

    Super cool for the kids.

  • Where is this bike?

    I can't find it again on flickr, where it might say, if I do I'll post.

  • I can't find it again on flickr, where it might say, if I do I'll post.­4/5604333509/

  • Gold/Cobalto

    .... naaahhhhhhh

  • not really.

    I'll pay in goatcheese and virgins.

  • ^ Epic stem, could probably do with a frame one size bigger

    I'll pay in goatsee and veronicas.


  • nothing beats MA40s

    Open 4 CD ?

  • that golden groupset is kind of wank/anti

  • Very nice Raleigh Dyna Tech Pro with Campagnolo Chorus groupset in the rarer graphite finish. No marks on the crank arms from the chain unshipping too, so possibly NOS/nearly NOS components as the graphite finish had a reputation for chipping readily from normal usage. Campagnolo did also do the levers in graphite finish so I have to assume the owner has not been able to source them as yet or is unaware they were produced.

    Matching handlebar tape too with the pebble dash paint finish.

    The only things I would change is the angle of the saddle and possibly the pedals which do not look to be contemporaneous with the bike. I say 'possibly', because I can not quite tell what they are, but they do look to be about 10 years newer than the rest of the build.

    Otherwise a very nice build which is a credit to the owner, using Raleigh frame technology which is frequently overlooked in favour of the gems that were produced by the SBDU at Ilkeston.

  • Frames too small, stems too long, ergos are always fugly, blue ano!... but somehow it all works and is just simply awesome.

  • Open 4 CD ?

    yeap =)) but still

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Bike porn

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