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  • pj (pj) formerly of this parish is selling his turbo aka "utter bastard machine"


  • It's an excellent listing, describes my Friday night with almost worrying accuracy also.

  • Sounds like a stupid lot of money for a useless bike , but too close not to mention..


  • pj (pj) formerly of this parish is selling his turbo aka "utter bastard machine"

    Is that pj? I was just about to post that! :D

  • ebay.co.uk/itm/221019888017?s­sPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&_trksid=p398­4.m1423.l2649#ht_612wt_1160

    the description is worth quoting

    I'm selling this bastard thing because i HATE it.

    I’m sure there are people out there who like or even have a perverse love affair with their turbo trainer. It might even attract some sort of love/hate duality. I know for a fact that some people, many of them ostensibly sane with some hideously rapid times to their name, view the turbo as the essential piece of training equipment. Personally, i’d rather rip my face off and dive into a bath of saline solution than use this horrible piece of apparatus. It’s utterly soul-destroying and mind-numbing, which is a pretty vicious combination.

    The straw that broke the camel's back:

    I thought i might do a ‘quick’ turbo session this evening. The reason being that the weather is pretty terrible and i hadn’t got the time to head down to the lake for the first race of the season. By the time i’d sorted out the rear turbo wheel by putting a tyre on and then pinching an inner tube, then changing the tyre and putting a new tube in, switching the cassette and setting up the bike and then setting up the computer with ‘The Flying Scotsman’ on the iplayer with headphones and subtitles (because of fearsome noise) to alleviate the dreadful and crushing ennui of it all and then got changed and put some water within reach and found my sweaty turbo towel that hasn’t been washed since the last time i dared to ride the bastard (turbo, not turbo towel) and wrestled with the quick release mechanism and then adjusted the height with a series of books under the front wheel by getting on and off about four times then adjusting the saddle height then going back and adjusting the resistance about 6 times with the manual turny thing, i’d wasted about 55 minutes. This was about as long as i intended to spend on the bastard piece of shit.

    I managed about 11 minutes at about 70% of max before two things happened. The iplayer began to freeze and unfreeze, robbing me of the only thing that helped me think that i wasn’t actually on the turbo, and then without warning the back wheel leapt out of the dropout clasps and i had to do an emergency unclip and braking manouevre ON THE GODDAMNED TURBO just to stay alive. i suddenly lurched towards the computer where Graeme Obree was riding off the front of some sort of Tour of the Scottish Prettylands in the early part of the film and very nearly ended up joining the crazed circular-breathing scotsman on the silver screen.

    If you're made of far stronger stuff than I am, and I'm thinking Ivan Drago in Rocky 4 when he kills Apollo Creed to death - that sort of stronger stuff - and think you can handle the savage bestiality of the CYCLOPS WIND TURBO then please, please, please buy this REPULSIVE ITEM.

  • Needs a dedicated turbo bike!

  • Sorry for bringing this up again but I'm really, really tempted!
    Frame is 12 years old and apparently 'mint'.
    is it worth £1K?
    should I bid or take a gamble and hope no one else bids and then offer under 1k for it?

  • I bid £800 the first time, it's not worth anymore to me. The components that are on there aren't worth much.

  • That's exactly what I thought!
    Seller is effectively saying the frame is worth £700-800.

    I bid £960 and won the auction because I knew the reserve wasn't going to be met hoping that the seller would offer it to me for that price...which didn't happen :S

    Spoke to the seller earlier and he's convinced it's worth loads.

  • Same, he/she thinks it's worth a dime. It's a nice frame and I would love to own a merlin too sometime, but the rest is just putting me off.

  • They can't seem to get the measurements right either :S
    It's 49X52. not whatever is on the listing...

    Think I'm going to gamble and not bid.
    hopefully everybody else realises it's not worth that much.

    have you seen the magia as well?

  • Yeah seen the magia too, reckon it's too big for me though. Looks good, you gonna take a punt? Prefer the extralight tbh.

  • I'm weighing it up atm.

    Same, don't really like compact Ti frames. super light though!
    seller has some other good stuff too.

  • Deluded.

    Greg Lemond's very own Team Z Kellog built Ti bike sold last year for not much more than $2000. I was gutted i hadn't bid on it.

    Ok, there's only 10 in the UK but give a fuck, it's a modern built bike and it doesn't make it worth as much as it was then it was brand new ffs. it's like me buying a fucking cinema ticket, watching the film, then selling it to some cunt on the street outside for the same price even though it's not valid any more. ask him if it's got Lance's missing testicle stashed in the seat tube or something.

  • Well said.

    There was a larger one on ebay earlier this week, the seller was much more reasonable and wanted £900 for it - it was built with much better spec too!

  • ^^^^ :O wtf! is that a joke?

    ^^^ :O 'made for 7 foot male'

  • ^ sexist

  • I don't want to believe that.

  • I bet it was just for the f&f.

  • i hope it was just for the f&f

  • Keep telling yourself that. It's what I'm doing...

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eBay/Craigslist finds

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