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For general bike-related chatter; also includes the Rider Down forum to document road traffic incidents involving cyclists.
Sub-Forums: Rider Down
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Social rides, group rides, alleycats, pro-races, Tour de France, club rides, audaxes, roller racing, polo, etc.
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A British Cycling affiliated club (LFGSS CC).
4 2,761
Fixed gear and single-speed in the UK.
If a forum doesn't exist for your city, start one here
London and International Hard Court Bike Polo and the London Bike Polo League.
Quick Find: All Polo, Tourney
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1,491 233,254
Jumps, bar spins, BMX, Fixed Gear London, you know the deal...
267 7,493
This is what track bikes are for, hitting Herne Hill, racing and training.
409 25,597
A forum for women specific rides, attire, equipment, chat and socialising.
195 17,875
New bikes, old bikes, bike appreciation, component and cycle reviews, bike porn, etc.
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6,795 515,749
Building a new bike, converting a bike, or do you just want to see what others have done?
1,407 180,060
Sell stuff, buy stuff, trade stuff, give it away or just tell others what you've found on eBay.
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82,484 812,066
Building a bike through to correcting a problem and re-building after a crash. Everything mechanical in here.
Sub-Forums: Open Toolbox
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Cycle touring, travelling with a bike nationally and internationally, holidays with a bike, etc.
by Sam32
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93 3,931
Cycle related jobs, be it bike mechanic, cycle training, cycle charities, or to work for a company within the cycling industry.
88 2,421
Non-bike-related stuff in here only. That way those who want the bike stuff can choose to block this category and ignore the off-topic stuff.
by mikec
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5,970 992,152
Questions on how the forum runs, announcements made about the forum, bug reporting, and a general play area if you need to, er, practise posting?
446 48,350
Discussion and info on the software and venture that we hope will power LFGSS in the future.
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